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5 Reasons Why No Experience On Earth Compares To Boating

5 Reasons Why No Experience On Earth Compares To Boating

The Boat is Just A Thing That People Float On

They call it boating, but it should actually be called people-ing. Forget the machine; the real joy of boating is the friends and family who you take out on the water. A boat is just fiberglass, metal, wood and — if you're smart — quality vinyl flooring. The memories are made by and for the people on board.

Miles Don't Matter

Whether you're on the open ocean way out past the horizon or just a few dozen yards off shore on the lake, you're always a million miles away. When you crank that engine and hit the water, your stress, your problems, your worries and your drama stay back on land.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Boating is good for you. It's all about fresh air, physical activity and sunshine. Even better, boating has meditative qualities that can still the mind and quiet the psyche. Get up, get out, go boating.

Fun. For. Everyone.

You don't have to be certain age to go boating. There's no such thing as too old or too young. There's no height requirement — you don't even have to know how to swim. Men, women, girls, boys, young, old — everyone. Boating is for everyone.

Facebook before There Was Facebook

Boaters wave and smile when they pass each other on the water. They talk while they're waiting to fuel up. They chat and share stories while they're in line for the ramp. Before there was social media, there was boating — and there still is. What are you doing on your computer — the water's beautiful.


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  • Scott Reynolds