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Practice Pontoon Boat Safety for a Fun Time at the Lake

Practice Pontoon Boat Safety for a Fun Time at the Lake

By: The Leash

Pontoon Boat Safety

Pontoon boat safety should be your top priority. By practicing good pontoon boat safety, everyone onboard is risk-free and will be able to enjoy their time on the water. For pontoon boat safety there should be as many life jackets as the number of passengers and crew. 80% of boating accident deaths have been due to drowning. This is a very important pontoon boat safety rule.

Important Pontoon Boat Safety tips are:

  • Pontoon Boat Safety requires you to be sober with your attention on the water and other boats. Many accidents occur by lack of concentration and boats crashing.
  • Pontoon Boat Safety means avoiding excessive speeds and sharp turns. This can cause you to lose control of the boat and cause an accident.
  • Pontoon Boat Safety means all passengers are seated and wearing proper safety gear before leaving the dock. Have differently sized personal flotation devices (PFD’s) available so that everyone on board has one that fits properly.
  • Pontoon Boat Safety requires the use of the anchor when you want to remain stationary.
  • Pontoon Boat Safety means having routine maintenance on the engine. Regular check-ups on other systems such as navigation lights should also be done.
  • Pontoon Boat Motor Safety requires having the outboard motor securely attached and locked in place with an outboard motor tether like The Leash.

Keep these kits available for Pontoon Boat Safety:

  • The Emergency Kit – This pontoon boat safety kit should contain a marine fire extinguisher, life jackets, flares, noise making devices, ring buoys etc. Be sure there are enough life jackets available for everyone on the boat.
  • The First Aid Kit – This pontoon boat safety kit should contain emergency medications to be administered to a person in need.
  • The Safety Kit – This pontoon boat safety kit should have a pocket knife, radio, battery charger, downed skier flag, flash light, etc.

Pontoon Boats Are Fun

Pontoon boats are built for comfort, functionality, and fun. Pontoon boats are used for fishing, trips, parties, and water sports. Be sure you are aware of pontoon boat safety considerations before taking your boat out. Don’t let your fun day at the lake be ruined by not following pontoon boat safety.

For Family Fun Follow Pontoon Boat Safety Rules.

Be aware of both the legal speed limits and the limits of your vehicle.  Pontoon boats are not known for speed, but some are capable of going quite fast. Always adhere to a safe speed for pontoon boat safety.

Before going out, make sure you are aware of weather predictions. For pontoon boat safety you do not want to be caught in a storm. Monitor local marine forecasts to learn wind and wave conditions for pontoon boat safety and the safety of passengers.

For pontoon boat safety, do not exceed the weight capacity. Overloading your boat with people or equipment could be risky as you are compromising the safety and lives of your passengers.

To be sure you know and understand pontoon boat safety take a boating safety course. You will most likely learn something new about pontoon boat safety!

Taking interest in pontoon boat safety allows you, your passengers, and other boats around you to be safer, as accidents can be dangerous and fatal.

Pontoon Boat Safety is a Good Habit to Develop

Learn and practice good pontoon boat safety habits. You are responsible for making sure everyone makes it back to the dock safely.  If you don’t practice good pontoon boat safety every time you leave the dock, at some point, there will be regret and injury. Develop good pontoon boat safety habits so if an emergency does happen, you will be ready.

Pontoon Boat Motor Safety

Pontoon boat size and power requirements are quickly growing. In many cases with a pontoon boat, you have to rely on the motor to get the boat on top of the water and to point and direct the boat. This can vary depending on the type of pontoon boat you have.  Selecting and properly installing an outboard motor for a pontoon can be more critical than for traditional boats. Outboard motors can be securely attached with a tether like The Leash.

The Leash for Pontoon Boat Motor Safety

The Leash offers pontoon boat motor safety with a tether that is hand-made with Vectran, one of the strongest liquid spun fibers in the world. Vectran is 5x’s stronger than steel. The Leash offers pontoon boat motor safety with tethers similar to the ones used to prevent NASCAR car tires from becoming deadly projectiles during crashes. The Leash may also give your pontoon boat motor safety from ever sinking to the bottom of the lake.

Always practice good Pontoon Boat Safety. Keep your family and friends safe.

Use The Leash for pontoon boat motor safety!

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