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The Ultimate Boat Show Guide Boat | Pontoon-Depot

The Ultimate Boat Show Guide Boat | Pontoon-Depot

By: Lenny Rudow

Boat shows offer you the ability to see a slew of new model boats all at the same time, comparison shop, and make a seriously good deal.

Our Boat Buyer’s Guide is chock full of information, and should help any prospective boater get a good idea of just what type of boat will be best for their needs. But once you’ve decided on a type of pleasure craft, be it a pontoon boat, a flybridge motor yacht, a deck saloon sailboat, or anything in-between, you need to do some serious boat shopping to find the exact model that’s ideal for you–and the perfect place to make that happen is at a boat show.

While you’re at the show, try to see as many boats as possible and don’t get too hung up on any one model until you’ve seen all the choices. In fact, many buyers will walk the entire show floor with a map of the displays in hand (these are usually in the guides available at the show entrance) and mark off the locations of potential boats of interest without closely examining them. Then later they can go back and look at the options that caught their eye, one by one. At extremely large boat shows, it may be prudent to sit down with that guide and try to pick out which displays you want to see before you start walking around, too.

Boat shows give you the opportunity to check out all different shapes, styles, and sizes of boats on the same day, in the same place.

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