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What Size & Type of Pontoon Boat Will Fit Your Needs?

What Size & Type of Pontoon Boat Will Fit Your Needs?

What size pontoon will fit your needs best? Here are some good suggestions based on your needs.

Most trips out how many people will usually accompany you on your boat?

For 2 to 6 people a 18 to 20ft. pontoon boat should work

For 6 to 10 people a 22 to 24ft. pontoon boat

For 10 or more people only consider 24ft. and larger pontoon boat

What percentage of time will be spent fishing on your pontoon boat?

70 to 100% should consider dedicated fishing model pontoon

10 to 70% a fish and cruise model pontoon

Under 10% probably should consider dedicated cruising pontoon

Will you want to cruise and pull water toys, or wish to pull adult skiers?

Don't consider anything under 90hp. and a bit more motor would be even better yet.

Are you planning any long cruises on your pontoon? Are you going to want camping capability? Are you or any family members sensitive to sunlight or burn readily?

If yes is the answer things such as a changing room with a Porta Potti, double Biminis with side kits, a grill and sink, plus seating that pulls out to make beds may all be important for you to be happy and satisfied with your pontoon boat purchase or renovation.

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  • Scott Reynolds