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Boating - It’s Good for Your Soul | Pontoon-Depot

Boating - It’s Good for Your Soul | Pontoon-Depot

You already know you love spending time on the water. Whether you like it calm and peaceful or thrilling and exciting, the joy you, your family and your friends get from boating is undeniable. But if you’re looking for even more reasons to take the boat out - or maybe you need to convince someone else about the benefits of life on the water - read on!

1. It’s a chance to unplug. These days, we’re always connected - social media, text messages, online videos and more. Day to day, we don’t realize how much this contributes to our stress and anxiety. But when you’re on a boat ride it’s a great excuse to disconnect from technology - and reconnect with the world around you.

2. It’s a bonding experience. If you’re lucky, you have amazing memories from your childhood of boating with your family. Boating now - fishing, cruising, skiing, swimming - is a great way to build those same memories with your own family and friends.

3. It’s a great way to learn new things. Explore new experiences - try a watersport you’ve never tried. Kneeboarding, tubing and skiing are fun! Try a new type of fishing. Spend a night out on the water. With boating, the possibilities are endless.

4. It’s healthy! Being in the sun is actually good for you. Yes, you still need to use sunscreen. But some sun exposure allows your body to soak up healthy vitamin D that you need. Plus, being around water is relaxing and can help lower anxiety - studies have proven it!

5. It’s a social activity. Boaters are a community. If you have a boat, you probably have friends who have boats, too. It’s not uncommon for everyone to go out together to fish, ski, or find a quiet cove to hang out and swim. Plus, boaters help each other, and share tips and tricks. If you like people, boating is for you.

6. It’s part of your adventure! In the end, how you’ve spent your life is the sum of how you’ve spent your days. So spend your days wisely - and spend as many as possible doing what you enjoy.

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  • Amy Cabanas