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#PontoonPets Make Summer Fun | Pontoon-Depot

#PontoonPets Make Summer Fun | Pontoon-Depot

(top pic) Here’s Major, enjoying a day on the water.

Our pets are members of the family. Where we go, we want them to go - especially when we’re enjoying a day on the water in the pontoon. Take your pets with you this summer, post your photos online and tag them with #PontoonPets - or post your favorite shots from years past. Either way, we can’t wait to see them!

Check out some of these photos we’ve already received!

 And here’s Percy, navigating.

 This was Baby’s first ride on a pontoon! Isn’t Big Bear Lake California beautiful?

 This is Delilah, enjoying her ride around the water.

 We don’t know this cutie’s name, but he sure looks like he knows what he’s doing!

While you’re out on the water and capturing some great #PontoonPets pics, be sure to keep your pet safe. After all, boating with a pet isn’t much different than boating with a small child. You’ll want to take extra steps to make sure they’re secure and not becoming dehydrated or seasick.

Consider purchasing a life jacket for your pet. Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs like water - and even individual dogs of water-loving breeds may not enjoy swimming, or take to it quickly. A life jacket will help your dog relax, and give you peace of mind.

Be sure to bring plenty of water for your pet - and a bowl for him or her to drink from. It can be hot out there on the water, and your pet will need plenty to drink. But remember - what goes in must come out. Your pet will need opportunities to relieve himself, too.

Did you know your pet can get sunburned? It’s true! A minimum SPF 15 sunscreen applied to sensitive areas like your dog’s belly, nose and the interior of the ears can offer protection. Just make sure he or she doesn’t lick it off. And if your pontoon has a bimini top, be sure to raise it so your dog has a shady area to rest in.

Finally, bring along some of your dog’s favorite treats, and maybe a favorite blanket or other comfort item. This will help your dog have a great day out on the water. Because let’s face it - if your pet’s happy, you’re happy. So have fun out there and remember - tag us in those great photos with #PontoonPets!

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  • Amy Cabanas