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Picture a sleepy summer day, a warm sunshiny breeze and the smooth sheen of a clear blue lake. The only thing missing is you in this scene on a protective Pontoon boat. Pontoon boats have been a favorite way to enjoy the mixture of sun and water since the fifties. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, pontoon boat sales were up by 48% in 2016. Here are some more facts on this fun-in-the-sun sporting vessel that you should know.

A Little Bit of History

In 1951 the first commercially manufactured pontoon boat is credited to a farmer named Ambrose Weeres from Minnesota. He visioned a craft that was stable in the water and large enough for the whole family. By the late 1960s, pontoons, as we know them today, were a part of every lake across the country.

 Types of Pontoons

  • Fiberglass – Used as a construction material for the hulls, it is a lightweight and fairly durable material. Fiberglass pontoons perform well on the water, not subject to rust, and many people prefer its visual appeal. However if damaged repairs can be quite expensive.
  • Foam filled – Foam filled pontoons boats are not hollow so they can’t leak and typically cheaper to manufacture. They usually have a plastic exterior and don’t require a thick shell to protect a hollow interior. They typically need to be narrow because the wider they get the lower they sit in the water. This leads to more drag, slower speeds, and poor fuel economy.
  • Steel – The main disadvantage of a steel pontoon boat is that steel is a corrosive material, and will rust over time when exposed to moisture and air. Without regular maintenance a steel pontoon can develop leaks and cracks, which may require extensive repairs.
  • Aluminum – The most common type of pontoon boat on the market. Unlike steel, aluminum is non-corrosive and wont rust over time just from being exposed to moisture. It’s very durable and repairs are usually easy and relatively inexpensive. Aluminum pontoon boats may be more expensive than other pontoon boats but low maintenance, and knowing that it will last for many years, makes aluminum pontoon boats a top choice for buyers.


            2018 LOWE SF214 SPORT FISH

Pontoon boat rental in Georgia

Pontoon boat sales center in Georgia top 2

Rocketoons, another name for Performance Pontoons, provides speeds up to 50 mph. They can be outfitted with 1 to 3 engines that pull 300-horsepower each. You can make a quick trip down the river in one of these flying machines.

Watersports Pontoons are designed with water skiers in mind. Splashy in color, they have all the storage, brackets, and mounts to carry your tubes and skies. A 350-horse engine delivers speeds up to 60 mph for excitement and fun.

Luxury Pontoons bring perfection to an outing with comparable amenities of a yacht. Top-notch upholstery seating, stand-up bars, awesome LED lighting, and creative fencing schemes add sophistication to a comfortable ride.

Say goodbye to John Boats with the Fishing Pontoons of today. Tons of deck space for live wells and fishing gear, these boats have low draft for maneuvering in shallow water.

Family Fun Pontoons take pleasure to a whole new level. Wrap-around-seating, great ergonomic layouts, and enough speed for tubing, make these cruisers a must-have for family outings.

You won’t find cheap in the Value Pontoons that are designed as a basic model. Without all of the frills of the higher-end boats, they are sturdy and comfortable for enjoying the water without draining your pocketbook.

Where to Find Pontoon Boats for Sale

While the Minnesota lakes and Great Lakes of Michigan were the starting points of pontoons, the enjoyment of these boats have spread nationwide. Pontoon boats for sale can be found almost anywhere there is a body of water. The southeast has become a hot spot for pontoons with beautiful lakes throughout Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Dealers with new and used boat inventory have a wide variety of well-maintained boats and great boat financing for any category. Young Harris Water Sports has a One-Stop boat sales, boat rental, and marine center.  Looking to buy or sell a pontoon boat? Live in the Hiawassee GA area? Young Harris Water Sports can help with all your watercraft needs. We also offer a full brokerage service and can even market your boat throughout the southeast. Not to mention we also offer pontoon boat storage, pontoon boat detailing, and pontoon boat service.

Vacation Fun with Pontoon Rentals

If you are planning a vacation in one of the many scenic areas in the state of Georgia, then pontoon boat rental is an affordable solution. Imagine renting a boat at Lake Blue RIdge in the Chattahoochee National Forest surrounded by the nature and pristine water. A watercraft specialist will deliver your boat and make sure that you are comfortable in handling your pontoon. Once you and your family are out on the water, it will be an experience to cherish for years to come. Other beautiful vacation spots with available pontoon rentals include Lake Burton boat rental, Lake Lanier boat rental or Lake Keowee boat rental.

Regardless of your specific lifestyle, pontoon boats have become a great way to enjoy our nation’s waterways. Substantial in structure, comfortable with seating, and with different amenities, the pontoon boat has proven to be a favorite way to spend a relaxing or invigorating vacation.

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