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The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's Mission 2020

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's Mission 2020

By: agfc

Date Title

Jan. 27 Lake Columbia Fisheries Management Plan Meeting | Magnolia
Jan. 28 The Art of Fly-Tying | Yellville
Jan. 29 BOW Women's Duck Hunt | Blue Mountain
Jan. 30 CWD Public Meeting | Batesville
Jan. 30 Grand Lake Fisheries Management Plan Meeting | Eudora
Jan. 30 Catching Rainbows, Trout Clinic and Fishing Derby | Little Rock
Feb. 1 Trout Day | Fort Smith
Feb. 1 Groundhog Day, More winter on the way? | Little Rock
Feb. 2 Bluebird Basics | Little Rock
Feb. 4 Learn to Burn Intro to Prescribed Fire for Landowners | Jonesboro
Feb. 9 Turkey Hunting Basics | Little Rock
Feb. 10 Women's Outdoor Network | Little Rock
Feb. 14 BOW Squirrel Camp | Casscoe
Feb. 19 Monthly Commission Meeting | February 19-20 (Little Rock)
Feb. 22 Intro to Fur Handling | Fort Smith
Feb. 22 Buy, Sell and Swap Outdoor Gear
Feb. 29 Intro to Turkey Hunting | Jonesboro
March 3 Beginning Fly-Fishing | Fort Smith
March 18 Monthly Commission Meeting | March 18-19 (Hope)
April 22 Monthly Commission Meeting | April 22-23 (Little Rock)
May 20 Monthly Commission Meeting | May 20-21 (Little Rock)
June 17 Monthly Commission Meeting | June 17-18 (Harrison)
July 31 BOW Fish Camp | Casscoe

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See How You Can Keep Your Pontoon Boat Protected This Winter

See How You Can Keep Your Pontoon Boat Protected This Winter

By: Coverquest

Your Pontoon Boat is an important investment so make sure it weathers the winter season well and is ready for those family rides come spring. Many of us have experienced that sinking feeling when we realize we haven’t properly stored the boat and now it is in need of repair. So, do a little preventative maintenance to keep your pontoon boat “ship-shape”.

First lower your Bimini top, zip the Bimini boot on and slide the top back. This allows the boat cover to fit properly.

Clean the interior well, being careful to remove drinks and food that will stain the carpet and upholstery and attract pests.

Remove any damp items that will produce mildew. And store dry life vests under seats.

Find a pontoon boat cover that fits your boat well. A fitted cover will keep mice and other animals from living in your boat and will keep liquid from pooling. To avoid mold and mildew your pontoon cover fabric should be breathable, not waterproof. If the fabric is waterproof condensation will gather under the cover causing mildew and rust. Choose the weight of fabric that best suits your needs, whether indoor or outdoor storage.

Use vented support poles or a Carver Boat Cover Y-Strap System to support the weight of the cover where water will run off instead of accumulate in pockets.

Lastly, store boat up and out of the water, to prevent rust to the pontoon tubes and ice from forming around the boat.

Go beyond the basics, check out our step by step guide to winterizing your Pontoon boat.

Now let winter begin!!

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If You’re Wondering What The Benefits of Owning a Pontoon Are...

If You’re Wondering What The Benefits of Owning a Pontoon Are...

By: Pontoon-Depot, Amy Cabanas

...look no further!

Here are the top five reasons: 


Pontoon boats are more spacious than speed boats or other motorized boats, so there’s more places for storage. Typically, pontoon boats have plenty of space under seats and floors for extra blankets, food, water, life jackets and water toys. In addition, pontoon boats usually seat more people than a traditional boat, typically big enough to fit more than 10 people comfortably. 


In addition to having more space for families, pontoons are perfect for beginning boaters. They’re easy to drive and simple to dock because of the shape and speed of the boat. Because of their size, pontoon boats are also safe, because they are difficult to flip or tip. 


Pontoon boats have a longer lifespan than motorized boats for a couple reasons. In addition to being easier to maintain, pontoon boats generally don’t change much over time. This means, there’s not a reason to update every few years. They are also typically less expensive to insure, because they are considered a very safe style of boat. 


There may not be a reason to update to a new pontoon boat over time, but there are still plenty of ways to customize your boat to make it your own. You can add LED lights, speakers, additional seating and even toys such as inflatable water slides or tubes! The possibilities are endless. 


Regardless if you’re planning to use your new boat for fishing or entertaining, pontoon boats are very versatile. The right kind of pontoon boat can even be used to pull inner tubes or other floaties! 

Are you ready to start researching DIY projects on your pre-owned Pontoon boat? Contact our Pontoon-Depot team today for your flooring and boating accessories options to get started!

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How to Enjoy A Pontoon Boat Experience | Pontoon-Depot

How to Enjoy A Pontoon Boat Experience | Pontoon-Depot

By: Amy Cabanas - Pontoon-Depot

Pic By: TurboSwing

What we’ve learned this past year! 

Welcome to the intersection of imagination and inspiration! Boaters with discriminating taste and a penchant for performance love pontoons. There is a certain sense of serenity that comes with a trip out on the water on a pontoon boat. It can be any body of water and does not necessarily have to be an actual tropical paradise. The smooth ride will have you sitting back and enjoying the day. That kind of experience can make any body of water a welcomed sanctuary. 

The setup of a pontoon boat allows guests to sit back and have a cocktail while enjoying some pleasant conversation. There is no need to speak over the buzzing hum of an engine and no need to worry about choppy seas. The stability of a pontoon boat can give all passengers their very own pair of sea legs. 

There is always the option to throw a line in the water and catch an afternoon meal. Fishing can be done while you kick back and relax underneath the sun. Pontoon boats also offer plenty of shade, which allows passengers to stay cool on a hot summer day. 

But cool is a constant theme when it comes to pontoon boats. Style combined with comfort makes for a truly unique boating experience. There is even plenty of room on a pontoon boat to do some grilling. That kind of functionality provides everything that is needed for a day of leisure. 

Pontoons, as well as tri-toons use cylindrical, metal flotation devices or tubes that keep afloat a broad platform. Pontoons uses 2 tubes and Tri-toons use 3 tubes, this allows a shallow draft and good stability on the water. This type of boat is used primarily used for fishing and cruising inland lakes as well as water sports and as a water borne camper. Pontoons are powered by an outboard engine, stern drive, or an electric motor. 

Pontoon boats have evolved beyond just a form of recreation and transportation. They have evolved into representing a lifestyle, one that provides relaxing days on the water, free of worry and stress. The soft feel of woven vinyl on your feet sold by Pontoon Depot offers top notch quality and will go perfectly with your wrap around comfortable teardrop bench seats, recessed cup holders, and smart design. Let Pontoon-Depot not only show you the way to a better flooring option for your boat but add all the cool accessories that will not disappoint once you and your family get out on the water. 

Let’s enjoy life on a Pontoon Boat, everyone else is doing it!

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