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Seating And Flooring Packages — Get Bundle, Save A Bundle

Seating And Flooring Packages — Get Bundle, Save A Bundle

Most bundles don't live up to the hype. In the winter, they tell you bundle up, which sounds pretty comprehensive, but it's actually just putting on a jacket. And then there are babies. Pregnant women say that they're expecting a little bundle of joy. But then comes that first yucky diaper.

In this day and age, it's hard to find a bundle that doesn't disappoint. But don't worry, we deliver.

No, not babies.

We deliver bundled up discount combination packages of Wise pontoon boat seats and MariDeck pontoon boat flooring. When purchased together, our discount bundles put up to 20 percent back into your pocket. That's millions of dollars in savings — as long as you buy, like 12,000 boat seats.

But even if you're just buying one bundle — and even if that bundle is the least expensive one we offer — you'll save hundreds of bucks on high-quality products that make your boat both luxurious and prepared for even the harshest elements.

Choose your color scheme. Choose your flooring thickness and texture. Choose your seating layout and style.

Whether your boat holds just a handful of passengers or an entire bundle of people, we've got a discount package that can transform your entire deck in one shot. With high-quality boating seats and flooring, you'll protect, beautify and add value to your investment.

We've got something for every boat, and no matter how big or small, you're going to save a — yeah, you guessed it.

A bundle.

What are the Materials Best for the Structural Floor | Pontoon-Depot

What are the Materials Best for the Structural Floor | Pontoon-Depot

What are 3 basic types of materials used for the structural floor of a Pontoon Boat:

Composites: In recent years some manufactures have made more composite flooring options available. There's been a effort to meet customer demand for a decay proof deck material without all the structural drawbacks normally associated with aluminum decking. Composites are made largely made of recycled plastic products formed into panels similar in size and thickness of wood. Composites are far superior to aluminum in insulating qualities. Rigidity is generally superior to aluminum but still inferior to wood. Earlier versions did over time suffer from sagging. However the later composites panel decking has fiberglass reinforcement that has corrected these concerns. However this piece of mind does come with a price however, for composites often is a more expensive option if available.

Aluminum: Is available as a deck material from various pontoon boat manufactures. Aluminum is generally offered as an option to ease customer fears of woods potential to decay. And aluminum does offer peace of mind for the customer and has become a major marketing tool for those manufactures that offer it. However when considering some of the desirable characteristics described earlier, aluminum does indeed have some shortcomings to consider as a deck material. Aluminum has poor panel span strength and rigidity. To compensate this most manufactures lay aluminum in sections of pieces six to eight inches wide. While in comparison other materials are generally four foot wide sections. To cut costs many manufactures also use self tapping screws to fasten it in place. All the additional seams also result in an increase of stress and wear on the carpet over time. Aluminum also has poor insulating qualities of both sound and heat. But there are many people who feel that the prospects of no decay over ride all the negative aspects of this material.

Wood is the most traditional of all the decking materials. In almost all the above desirable characteristics it has the most desirable qualities. Wood also has the greatest rigidity and panel strength of all the available materials. Its insulating qualities are as good as the composites. It's also one of the least stressful and maybe best substrates when used with carpet. However wood can, have and does exhibit decay. Like any organic material if it's left untreated it will have poor survivability in a wet marine environment. Therefore you should be certain that a good grade of marine plywood was used in the construction of your boat. If marine grade CCA treated 3/4 in. plywood was used in construction and some general care was taken of the boat, you can rest assured that you'll get many years of relatively carefree service from your pontoon boat purchase before any issues or observation of any decay.

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MariDeck is Interviewed on American Outdoors TV

MariDeck is Interviewed on American Outdoors TV

Watch this 4-Minute MariDeck Installation Video

Watch this 4-Minute MariDeck Installation Video

This video features a general overview of MariDeck and how it is applied to boats. This demonstration is a pontoon boat but MariDeck is a great product for aluminum fishing boats all the way up through large houseboats.

Specifically designed for sport and leisure watercraft, MariDeck is an exterior grade vinyl deck covering. High-tech polymer formulation repels water and moisture, preventing deck rot, while embossed surface texture provides slip-resistance. Designed with UV stabilizers, the deck covering will resist fading and endure long-term use. MariDeck......the #1 Choice in Boat Flooring!