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Trailer Tire Maintenance Tips | Pontoon Depot

Trailer Tire Maintenance Tips | Pontoon Depot

Your boat and trailer may be in tip-top condition. But when was the last time you gave a thought to your boat trailer tires? Check out these handy tips for making sure your trailer tires are always ready to help you get to the water!

Are they actually trailer tires?

Trailer tires should be marked “ST” or “trailer use only.” These tires have stronger sidewalls so they can stand up to the load of your boat.

Check the tire pressure

The proper tire pressure for your tires will be on the sidewalls. Purchase a good tire-pressure gauge and make certain your tires are within the proper range. This will help keep your tires from wearing out to quickly.

Check the tread depth

Tires wear as they’re used. A simple way to test the depth of the tread on your tires is with a penny. Stick one upside down in the tread of a tire. If you can see the president’s head, it’s time for new tires.

Check their age

If you don’t use your boat trailer a lot, you may need to replace your tires due to age, rather than tread wear. Trailer tires typically last about five years. If you look at the sidewalls of your trailer tires and see tiny cracks, that’s a sign of rot. The tires should be replaced immediately or they could suddenly fail. UV rays from the sun can speed this process, so if your trailer is stored outside, consider purchasing tire covers for added protection.

Store your trailer properly

Storing your trailer on grass long-term can cause problems, because water can actually seep into the tires. Park it on concrete, plywood pads, or even remove the tires if you can instead. Flat spots can also develop when trailers are parked for long periods of time. Consider jacking up the trailer and placing concrete blocks beneath the axle to keep the tires off the ground.

Take some time to make sure your trailer tires are in good condition, and chances are you’ll never find yourself sitting by the side of the road when you should be on your way to the water!