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Welcome to Catamaran Coaches | Fishing and Diving!

Welcome to Catamaran Coaches | Fishing and Diving!

By: Catamaran Coaches

Catamaran Coaches manufacturers Custom Fiberglass Pontoon Boats, Trimarans, Fish/Dive Boats to fit your lifestyle.  Whether you want to enjoy weekends with the family at the sandbar, or run offshore to fish and dive, we have the pontoon boat for you! These boats are stable, have plenty of room for family and friends and are pet friendly! With the rear platform getting on and off at the sandbar is a breeze.

Catamaran Coaches is a family owned and operated manufacturer of Quality Custom Fiberglass Pontoon Boats, TriToons, Fiberglass Fish/Dive boats, Work/Party Boats and more. These boats are custom built to your lifestyle and there are no two boats alike. 

For All Your Accessories and/or Vinyl Flooring Visit Pontoon- Depot's Shop Site. 

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