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You Are What You Eat On Your Boat

You Are What You Eat On Your Boat

Boat snacks.

I know. It sounds like the title of the lost Jimmy Buffett album, but that's not what we're talking about here. Today, we're going super literal. When we said boat snacks, we're actually talking about snacks you eat on a boat.

A day on the pontoon takes plenty out of you. Fun in the sun is exhausting, you know. You're going to want to bring some drinks along for the trip — and you and your guests will certainly need something to nibble on.

That could be anything from cheese and crackers or a few stems of grapes, all the way up to pastrami sandwiches. But no matter the snack, one thing is certain — at least some of it is going to wind up on the floor.

Cheese and crackers mixed with lake water, compressed under the heel of a flip flop turns into a nice thick paste, like the kind of stuff you'd use to patch a hole in sheet rock. Those grapes we mentioned before? After a few tramplings, you'll have the beginnings of cabernet sauvignon on your deck. And pastrami on rye? If you have a dog on deck, he's probably likely to care care of that mess for you, but then you'll be sliding around on wet dog hair mixed with paw prints matted into the deck.

If you have traditional boat carpeting, you have to be a boat snack prison warden. You can't bring this, you can't eat that — is that ... chocolate?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!

That's because you know your marine carpeting will never really come clean, that each dropped drink and snack is another layer of muck that scrapes a little more luster off your otherwise beautiful boat.

If you have MariDeck vinyl flooring, on the other hand, you can be a boat snack free spirit. No monitoring, no forbidding, no scolding. Eat what you want, nibble on what you like. No matter what they spill, a quick hosing off on deck and some basic maintenance between excursions and your flooring will look and perform like it did the first day you installed it.

Just some food for thought.

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  • Scott Reynolds