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You Love Your Guests ... Your Messy, Messy Guests

You Love Your Guests ... Your Messy, Messy Guests

The best boat is the one your friend owns, or so the saying goes — and all your pals know it.

Pontoon boats just scream "party!" Unlike skiing boats or fishing boats, one glance at a pontoon boat conjures up images of kids playing, grownups playing and music playing. Coozie-wrapped drinks. Plenty of food. Suntan lotion. Bathing suits. Sunglasses. Lots of laughing — that's what pontoon boats are all about.

That's why your friends became so much friendlier as soon as you got one.

When the day on the water is over and you head back to the dock, however, your friends pay you a hearty thanks and hit the road — and you're stuck with the mess. As it turns out, a lot of those coozie-wrapped drinks wound up on the deck. So did the food. And the suntan lotion.

If you have traditional boat carpeting, you're left with a matted, smooshed-in mess that's impossible to clean, at least all the way. All that grime and gook has been ground in with flip flops and cooler wheels and dog paws. That's why boat carpeting will never look as good in real life as it does in the showroom.

If you upgraded to MariDeck vinyl flooring, however, you're a few garden hose sprays away from your deck looking like new. Now, we know "like new" is a marketing cliche, but we're using the phrase on purpose here. With very little light, basic maintenance, MariDeck flooring literally returns to its brand new look and functionality.

Once it's been put to the test, boat carpeting simply looks worn, which makes your entire boat look worn. MariDeck couldn't be more of a contrast.

Not only will your guests be safe and slip-free while you're partying on the water, but you won't have to silently hate them afterward while you're on your hands and knees scrubbing after they've thanked you and said goodbye.

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  • Scott Reynolds