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Cleaning Tips from Wise Manufacturer for the Care of Your Pontoon Boat Vinyl Seats

Cleaning Tips from Wise Manufacturer for the Care of Your Pontoon Boat Vinyl Seats carries a wide selection of seating to give you all the options you want to create the seating environment perfect for your life. works with the Wise Company which is the largest manufacturer of pleasure boat seating and interiors in the country with manufacturing facilities in Tennessee, Illinois, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Mexico, as well as our corporate office in Memphis, TN. As the world's leading supplier of all types of seating, Wise has earned a reputation for high-quality products and service. Wise offers the following tips regarding the care and upkeep of your vinyl seats. 

The upholstery on your seat is made to withstand the effects of sun heat rain and soiling under normal conditions. While your vinyl is made to withstand the elements it is important to care for it by keeping it clean at all times. Many substances may stain if left over a period of time. Remember to remove any contaminant and clean vinyl immediately.

Keep your seats in like new condition with quality mooring and/or seat covers. They’ll keep your furniture dry, protect against UV sunlight degradation, leaf stains, pollen stains, and dramatically reduce your cleaning time. Remember that winter storage in snow and ice areas requires additional protection. Also note plastic tarps don't provide ventilation and may promote mold and mildew or pink staining of your seats. This potential damage is not covered under your warranty. An important thing to remember is that house detergents, abrasives with bleach and solvents can cause permanent damage to vinyl upholstery.

DO NOT USE the following list of cleaners on your vinyl: Formula 409, Murphy's Oil Soap, Simple Green, DC Plus, Armor All, Fantastik, Orange 88 Degreaser, Roll Off, Bleach/Baking Soda, Turtle Wax/Tar Remover, Top Kote Sealant, Son-of-a-Gun, APCO, Harbor Mate. Do not use kerosene gasoline or acetone they will remove the protective marine marine topcoat do not use any silicone-based protectants. They will extract the plasticizer leaving vinyl hard and brittle, and eventually cracking will occur. Certain household cleaners powdered abrasives steel wool and industrial cleaners can cause damage and discoloration and not recommended. Dry cleaning fluids and lacquer solvents should not be used as they will remove printed patterns and gloss. Waxes should be used with caution as they may contain dyes or solvents that can permanently damaged protective coating.


We recommend that you use 303 Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner or a mild dish soap such as Dawn or Ivory to clean your seats. Rinse with clean warm water to remove any residue when your are finished.

All information provided by Wise Manufacturer -!marine/c53v

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