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Party on the Houseboat | Pontoon-Depot

Party on the Houseboat | Pontoon-Depot

You know houseboating can fill your summer weekends with hours of fun. Fishing, swimming, maybe even tubing - it’s all a blast. But this summer, think outside the box. Try something different, and start some new traditions.

Themed Dinner Party

I mean, you’ve gotta eat, right? And your houseboat is equipped with all the space and equipment you need to serve up something amazing. So get creative, and invite all of your friends. Host a five-course gourmet meal at sunset. Throw a Mexican fiesta - margaritas included, of course. Go nautical with the decorations and serve some delicious seafood. The choice is yours. There’s just one rule: Have fun!

On-the-Water Block Party

Do your friends own boats, too? Get everyone together for a block party! On the water, have everyone motor to your favorite cove and tie up together. From there, kick back and relax just like you would at home. Plan some games - those that incorporate the water are especially fun.

For example, set up a bean-bag toss tournament with the boards on different boats. Miss the boat with your toss? You better jump in and get the bean bag!

When it’s time to eat, set up different snack stations on different boats, or you could even hold a progressive dinner party. Appetizers on one boat, main dish on the second, and dessert on another. The options are really endless.

By the way, boat block parties work at the dock, too.

Houseboat Campout

Make a memory your kids will remember the rest of their lives - take the boat out and spend a night under the stars! Be sure you have plenty of graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows for s'mores, and haul some sleeping bags and a small grill to the top deck. Find a quiet, sheltered spot and settle in for a night of old-fashioned fun!

With a little creativity, you can make this a summer to remember!

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  • Amy Cabanas