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Replace Your Boat Carpeting, Because You Actually Want to Use Your Boat

Replace Your Boat Carpeting, Because You Actually Want to Use Your Boat

Boat carpeting is beautiful. It shines with sheen. It's smooth, it's soft and it makes the whole boat look brand new — on the showroom floor, that is.

When you get your baby out on the water, however, you'll soon notice that both the looks and functionality of your flooring begin to fade at a scary pace. You've only taken your new boat out a few times and already the luster is gone on your marine carpeting. Now it's matted. Now it's dull. Now it's clumped up and spotty.

If that's the situation after just a few voyages, how do you think your boat carpeting will look in a few months — or how about years?

The No. 1 simplest thing you can do to make an older boat look and feel brand new is to upgrade from tired, inefficient boat carpeting to a modern vinyl flooring like MariDeck.

MariDeck looks absolutely beautiful on day one. Why shouldn't it? There are, after all, a boatload (sorry) of colors, textures, styles and thicknesses to choose from.

But unlike yesteryear boat carpeting, it keeps on kicking voyage after voyage after voyage. Salt water splash? A quick rinsing and it's back to new. Same for fish guts, your kid's peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and that heavy cooler filled with ice your brother-in-law just dropped on your deck, corner first.

If you had marine carpeting, you'd be storing your boat with hidden residue from fish guts and PB&J, plus probably a tear from the dropped cooler.

MariDeck is more than just a pretty face. It's truly the safest deck flooring on the market. There's no slipping and sliding no matter what spills. It provides comfort and traction while you're out on the water and easy cleanup when you get back.

Unlike boat carpeting — which gets grimy, dirty, dull and matted almost right away — MariDeck keeps up, even with your crazy pace.

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  • Donna Callihan