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You Love Your Pontoon Boat — Here's Why

You Love Your Pontoon Boat — Here's Why

When you're out on the water and another regular boat passes, you wave at them and they wave back at you.

You know what? They're just being polite. They're secretly seething with jealousy and envy because they know in their hearts that there is nothing on this Earth better than a pontoon boat.

Let's talk about why.

There's an old joke that says the word "boat" is actually an acronym for Bust Out Another Thousand.

  • Oh, the slip rental fee went up? Bust out another thousand.
  • You need another coat of bottom barnacle painting? Bust out another thousand.
  • What's that you say? You need underwater maintenance in the off-season? Bust out another thousand.

Pontoon boat owners, on the other hand, don't like acronyms — and they don't like busting out thousands. That's why pontoon boats are relatively cheap and easy to maintain.

Then there's seating.

Unlike most conventional cramped boat decks, pontoons allow you to spread out and reimagine the traditional boat seating chart. Our Wise Premium and Wise Deluxe Marine Series packages give you a crazy number of arrangement options, all while guaranteeing high-quality boat furniture that resists the degrading effects of both mildew and UV.

Next, there is simply no boat in the history of all things buoyant that are more family friendly.

Wife. Kids. Friends. Their Kids. Dog. Yes, all at the same time.

Why? It's all about even distribution of weight. Try cramming the whole gang into one spot on a fiberglass V-hull and you'll learn a real quick lesson in the laws of maritime physics.

Finally, they're safe. They're easy to drive, they move flat and smooth and the danger zones are fenced in. Pontoons have wide turn radiuses and are essentially impossible to flip — or to cut too sharp and have a family member (including the dog) go flying into the drink.

You love your pontoon boat, and if you don't have one yet, you're going to love it. And guess what, those people in the fiberglass V-hull with the fake smile and wave? They love it, too.

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  • Donna Callihan