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21 Pontoon Boat Owner Gifts, Ideas, & Suggestions...

21 Pontoon Boat Owner Gifts, Ideas, & Suggestions...

By: PontoonPedia

...They Will Absolutely Love!

Whether it’s Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday, Christmas, or you just want to spoil the pontoon lover in your life, what can you get them as a gift?

Let’s be honest, pontoon boat owners are notoriously hard to buy for. At least that’s what my family tell me! Maybe it’s something about the perfectionism and attention to detail. I don’t know. All I do know is that it can hard to find the perfect pontoon boat owner gifts.

I wanted to fix that problem and offer some advice with some great pontoon boat gifts.

What I did recently was canvas opinion at the local marina with some of the guys and gals who have pontoons. I had some great present and gift recommendations and suggestions. Some were good, some were inspired, and some where downright strange.

Gifts for Pontoon Boat Owners

Below you can see a list of gift idea for pontoon boat enthusiasts and owners that won’t break the bank and will make their day when they open it. I have listed them in order of price and cost bracket so it should mean you can find the perfect present idea this year for the man or woman in your life whether for Christmas, a birthday, or just as a gift.

Fishing Rod Holders – Under $15

They do exactly what they say, and I can’t really go into too much detail other than they work. The ones I use are the Extremes on Amazon. They last long and have never broken on me and have a simple mechanism to fit them onto to boat – you don’t need to screw or glue anything.

At this price it would be crazy not to get some as a gift for your pontoon boat owner or lover if they love to fish. Go check them out, they are cheap, but essential accessories. I have also recently put together a list of the best pole holders that will give you some additional ideas.

Captain’s Hat – Under $20

We all know what he’s like when out on his pontoon boat. He’s the captain of the ship, and the master of seas – at least he likes to think so anyway!

Let’s stroke that ego a little bit, with the addition of his very own pontoon captain’s hat. It certainly makes him look the part, even if is about as authoritative and seaworthy as the captain of the Titanic.

Go take a look at one that I like on Amazon. It’s in navy blue and has an anchor embroidered onto it – see latest prices.

Floating Beer Pong Game – Under $20

beer pong

Elevate your party with this brilliant game which can be played on the still water. It comes with 5 beer pong balls and two inflatable beer pong racks.

It’s definitely one that the adults will enjoy whilst out on the pontoon boat, but perhaps is best left for when the kids aren’t with you! Take a look on Amazon.

Pontoon T-Shirts – Under $20

Whether it’s the captain of the boat you’re looking to buy a shirt for, or a pontoon boat t-shirt that anyone can wear, we’ve got something for you. Browse the captain t-shirts here, or browse all pontoon t-shirts. They come in various sizes, colors, and prices.

Fishing Shirt – Under $25

It’s important to wear a shirt with a breathable fabric when out fishing. This fishing shirt is a great gift idea. It will help you to keep cool, but also comes with plenty of pockets for all those small fishing accessories.

It will dry quickly in the sun and offer UV protection to help keep those harmful rays of your pontoon loving friend or family member.

Cup Holders – Under $30

Any pontoon boat owner will love these cup holders and will wonder how they did without them once they’re fitting onto the boat. These one fit all sizes of cans and bottles, and are really simple to attach and fit. They just hook onto rails.

Check out the SkiffDaddy cup holders on Amazon (view current prices) and read some of the reviews which will soon tell you how great these are. I’ve got 2 sets, positioned on either side of my deck – they are invaluable, and at a good price too.

Telescopic Boat Hook – Under $40

Accidents will happen, and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have dropped things into the water whilst out on my pontoon. Thankfully I have a handy boat hook which has a telescopic handle, letting me hook almost anything up and out of the water.

I have a Davis boat hook which can reach out to 12 feet once fully extended. Amazing eh! Go take a look at this boat hook on Amazon, it won’t cost the earth, and will be an invaluable accessory for any pontoon boat owner.

The Plano Fishing Tackle Box – Under $40

Is the pontoon boat owner in your life a fan of fishing? If so, then I have the perfect gift for him or her. It’s the Plano fishing tackle box, and it’s absolutely huge.

The lucky owner of one of these bad boys is never going to lose a single essential fishing item or tool again, as this box comes with a ridiculous amount of storage to suit any fishing trip you could imagine. View the latest prices on Amazon.

Inflatable Portable Rescue Device – Under $40

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the recreational pontooner in your life? How about giving them the gift of increased safety and visibility with a wearable portable rescue device – view now on Amazon.

I don’t’ have one of these myself but am seriously considering buying it for my kids whilst they are out on the inflatable tubes behind the boat.

It might look odd, but it can save lives.

It’s quite a simple, yet intriguing concept. You strap it to your wrist whilst out in the water, or even on the boat, and inflates in just one second with one pull of a lever. It can support the weight of up to 275 pounds, so whilst I like it for kids, it will suit most adults too.

Fishing Rod Racks and Storage Ideas – Under $50

If your pontooner is out on the water fishing all day, then there are going to be times when they just want to sit back, relax, and crack open a beer. At times like this it’s essential that they have a solution to store their rods that is robust, secure, and won’t damage the poles.

I’ve put together a list of just a few storage ideas that you might want to consider. Click here to see rod racks and storage ideas.

Fancy Boat Registration Numbers – Under $50

On most pontoon boats, the registration numbers never really look like much. They are very standard from boat to boat. So how about something that will let your pontoon owner’s boat stand out from the crowd?

These ones on Amazon are raised up in a 3D chrome design and will look stunning when stuck onto the boat. They are sure to be a talking point down at the marina or by the side of the lake from jealous pontoon owners. An ideal and affordable gift.

Waterproof Speakers – Under $70

When at home I use a pair of AOMAIS Go waterproof Bluetooth speakers for our backyard movie nights, but they also perfect for taking on my pontoon. Easy to carry, very robust, and with a clear sound quality, it’s possible to hook them up to a phone or similar device.

If the pontoon owner doesn’t have a stereo sound set-up already on his boat, then these speakers are perfect. Even if they happen to fall in the water they will be fine, as they can go up to 33 feet under for half an hour and still work. Have a look at the Amazon reviews to see for yourself.

Alternatively have a check through my list of the best waterproof speakers which come with Bluetooth functionality, making them ideal for boating.

Wetsuit – Under $70

The NeoSport wet suit on Amazon is designed for all forms of water sports including diving, scuba, paddle boarding, surfing, and kayaking – and so is the perfect gift idea for a pontooner who loves to get into the water.

It will keep them warm and dry and is considered one of the best in this price range due to the protection that it offers when the wearer slaps against the water. That is an essential safety feature for any person being pulled on a tube or water skis.

Captain’s Life Vest – Under $90

It’s important that your loved one if safe whilst out on the water, and if they don’t have life vests already on their pontoon, you must, must, get them one – it could even be a legal requirement in your state to do so.

Unfortunately, many pontoon captains don’t wear life vests, I see it all the time. They seem to think that they are safe from harm due to the design of the boat, but it’s simply not true. Take a look at this exceptional life vest kit on Amazon and have the peace of mind your loved one if safe with this recommended gift suggestion.

A great solution to this that encourages pontoon captains to wear a vest is a waist pack manual inflatable life vest.  It’s small and discreet, but a quick pull of the rip cord and you’re safely floating.

Tide Indicator Watch – Under $100

This watch is a perfect gift idea for a pontoon boat owner as not only is it rugged and waterproof, this watch will also show the tide times – essential information for any boater when planning a trip or out fishing.

The best one available to buy is the Shark Tide Classic on Amazon. It comes in black and has a clear digital interface with plenty of options. It looks good enough to wear whilst on-shore too.

Specialist Boat Shoes – Up to $100

But the pontoon boat owner in your life already has perfectly fine shoes, why would you buy specialist boat shoes? Good question! They offer great grip, are waterproof, and really rugged meaning your pontoon lover can skip around the boat in all weathers with ease.

There are two recommendations here. A pair of waterproof leather loafers, perhaps for an older gentleman, or a pair of funky Adidas boat shoes if you need a more sporty look.

Garmin Fishfinder – Under $110

Garmin Striker

Something a little bit more expensive now, but an amazing gift for any fishing fan who loves to catch from their pontoon boat. I am massive fan of the Garmin Striker on Amazon. It is simple to use and leads your boat straight to where the best catches are.

If you want more gift ideas for a pontoon owner who like fishing then check out this guide, and scroll down to the bottom.

Inflatable Kayak – Under $100

Your pontoon might already be equipped with inflatables such as inner tubes that you pull behind the boat, but how about an inflatable kayak that lets you explore narrow channels or just get out on the water for some free paddling fun?

The Intex Explorer Kayak (see on Amazon) is the best that money can buy at this price, is made from a durable rubber, and has two seats meaning kayaking needn’t be a solo activity.

Cooling Carry Bag – Under $110

For a reasonably low cost, yet robust cooling bag, how about the RTIC 20 Soft Pack? It holds up to 20 cans and ice, won’t leak on you, and can keep things cool for up to 5 days. Crazy huh?

You can also buy larger ones which will hold between 30 and 40 cans of drinks, but for me the RTIC 20 soft pack bag is perfect for the guy who loves to fish at the weekends with a buddy but will also be taking the family out on trips.

Fish Finder Maps – Under $150

Looking for a gift for a fisherman who already has a fish finder or depth finder on-board? If yes, then you might want to gift them some new fish finder maps so that can find the best catches no matter where on the water they are.

Make sure you buy the right ones though. For example, if he owns a Lowrance fish finder, the Navionics maps are best, and Lakemaster maps for a Hummingbird.

Inflatable 4-Person Tube – Under $350

I’ve previously written a guide to what the best 4-person tubes are, and you can take a look at that if you want further options. But for me, the best one you can buy would be the SportsStuff Bandwagon 2+2 (view on Amazon). The way that it’s designed means it seems to be far safer than anything comparable out on the water.

If you want a gift idea that can work for the whole family then look no further than this inflatable tube. It’s made from great materials that won’t tear and rip under the strain of being pulled behind a pontoon boat at speed.

Pontoon Boat Slide – Under $400

For maximum fun, invest in a pontoon boat water slide. I have reviewed and rated 3 of the best pontoon slides elsewhere on the website, so go take a look at those and see for yourself just what a great investment a slide can be. They are great fun for kids and adults alike!

Portable Cooler – Under $500

Yes, it’s expensive, and I know what you’re thinking… it’s just a cooler right? Well, yes, you are correct, but when it comes to coolers this is the best on the market for taking on your boat. It’s called the Yeti – go take a look.

Not only will it let a fisherman keep and store bait or fish correctly, but also has room for up to 50 cans of drink. Just imagine the kind of parties they could have on their pontoon boat with that!

Pontoon Diving Board – Under $1,300

This is an awesome gig, but please don’t let the price tag put you off. If you can afford it and you think it’s going to be a great accessory to enhance the fun your pontoon lover will have whilst out on the water, then for me, it’s money well spent.

The Lillipad Diving Board on Amazon is one of the most well-respected and reviewed boards that you can find online. It’s constructed from stainless steel, and can take weights of up to 250 pounds. It’s simple to store and dock, and will result in hours of fun.


For All Your Accessories and/or Vinyl Flooring Visit Pontoon-Depot's Shop Site.   

2019 Harborside Thanksgiving Events by Boat

2019 Harborside Thanksgiving Events by Boat

By: Dockwa

Whether you're cruising the ICW or the Baja-Haha, finding a host for the holiday is fun when you're part of the boating community. For those looking to break bread with new boating friends, here are some marinas, yacht clubs, and harbor town locales ready to welcome you to their tables. Check out our list of the top harborside events going on this Thanksgiving! 

Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Dockwa! 

Northeast Thanksgiving Events


  • November 22-24: America's Hometown Thanksgiving Festival in Plymouth. On Friday, enjoy tours of the historic waterfront and a free concert. On Saturday enjoy a Thanksgiving Parade, a concert, and other educational activities! 

  • November 26: The Cove Restaurant & Marina Thanksgiving Centerpiece Event. Other than food, one of the best things about Thanksgiving is the amazing table settings. Create your very own Thanksgiving Centerpiece and learn the art of floral arranging while enjoying the amazing views of the Mount Hope Bay! 

  • November 28: The Plimouth Plantation. This is the site of the first Thanksgiving where the Pilgrims first landed and settled back in 1620. Check out the Pilgrim Monument and go on board a reproduction of the Mayflower ship that brought the Pilgrims to the New World. Fresh ingredients, festive surroundings, and a sense of history that can be found at their annual Thanksgiving and 17th century themed dinner. 

  • November 28: Homestyle Thanksgiving Buffet at the Plimouth Plantation in Plymouth. Every autumn, the Plimouth Plantation offers Thanksgiving dining programs with fresh ingredients, festive surroundings and a sense of history.

  • November 28: The 23rd Annual Gobble Gobble Gobble 5K in Somerville. 

  • November 28: Enjoy an amazing Thanksgiving dinner at Boston's Top of the Hub Restaurant in the Prudential Center. The panoramic Boston views from the 52nd floor of the Prudential Center provides a sensational backdrop for a great Thanksgiving! 

  • November 29: Head over to Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston for some Black Friday shopping! This is one of the biggest post-Thanksgiving events in Boston so be sure to get there early. Also, if you're in the holiday spirit, be sure to check out the beautiful display of Christmas Lights around the Marketplace. 

  • December 5: Boston Common Tree Lighting from 6-9 PM. The mayor and Santa will be at this event. The lighting ends with fireworks! 


For those boaters planning a cruise to Newport, Rhode Island, for Thanksgiving, you're in luck! Thanksgiving is a great time to visit Newport, especially with all the events that take place: 

  • November 23 - January 1: If you're a forward thinker, be sure to check out the Newport Mansions for the beginning celebration of Christmas at the Newport Mansions! The mansions spectacular decorations highlight the celebration of the holidays in Newport. 

  • November 28: For a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, look no further than The White Horse Tavern or The Clarke Cooke House, both in Downtown Newport. If you're looking for more of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner but with a twist check out Cara at The Chandler located overlooking First Beach in Newport. At Cara, enjoy Executive Chef Matt Voskuil's special take on Thanksgiving Dinner. 

  • November 28: If you're looking for a Thanksgiving dinner more from the water, be sure to check out The Mooring, which serves a traditional feast combination from land and sea featuring both Turkey and Lobster dishes.

  • November 28: Create a new Thanksgiving tradition and enjoy a beautiful meal by Chef Simone at Hotel Viking. There will be thanksgiving Classics, a Carving Station, Bloody Mary & Mimosa Bar all included in a Thanksgiving Grand Buffet. Hotel Viking is also offering a TTG (Thanksgiving To Go) option where you can order a whole Thanksgiving meal to feed 8 - 10 people and pick it up hot and ready on November 28nd.  

  • November 28: To top off all the restaurant options, Gurney's Resort Marina is hosting a special Thanksgiving feast at their restaurant, Scarpetta from 1 - 7 PM. 

  • November 29: Stick around after Thanksgiving Day to watch Newport's Illuminated Boat Parade at the Bowen's Wharf Block Party! There will be boats decorated with festive holiday decor and lights. The boats motor through the harbor and compete for the best decorated in various categories. Shops and restaurants will be open and boats will sail by starting around 6:15 PM.

  • November 23 - January 1: Christmas at Blithewold. Celebrate the holiday season and enjoy the elaborate holiday decorations around every corner of the Blitheworld Mansion in Bristol. 

  • November 28: Gurney's is offering their annual Thanksgiving feast from 12 PM - 7 PM! You can indulge in a traditional turkey dinner as well as selections of cheese, charcuterie, and fresh seafood options that will please all members of your crew.

  • November 30: Lighting of the Lighthouse on Goat Island. Celebrate with Gurneys as they light their historic lighthouse, complete with carolers, spiked cider, live music at the resort's Regent Cocktail Club and undisturbed views of the famed Newport Bridge. 

  • November 29: The Holiday Lantern Tour is another great event taking place after Thanksgiving for the holiday season. Hear about the history of early American holiday traditions on an evening walk around downtown and learn how the colonial Newporters recognized the holidays. 

  • December 6: The 2019 Newport Holiday Stroll. Join in for the 4th Annual Holiday Stroll around Newport. 


  • November 29: Ready for some Thanksgiving sailing? Fayerweather & Black Rock Yacht Club in Bridgeport is hosting the Wild Turkey Regatta! Be sure to check their website for more information regarding the race details.   

New York 

  • November 23-24: The 25th Annual Patchogue Christmas Holiday Boat Parade. Watch as decorated boats float down the river on Long Island. This years theme will be "A Pirate Christmas!" 

  • November 27: Mary's Thanksgiving Parade Balloon Inflation. Watch the giant balloons slowly fill with helium. This year, the new entrance to the giant balloon inflation area will be at West 79th Street and Columbus Avenue.

  • November 28: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Watch giant balloons, floats, marching bands clowns and performers as the parade goes down Central Park West and West 77th Street at 9AM. 

  • December 4: The 87th Annual Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting 2019. The annual tree lighting ceremony is free and open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. The Rockefeller Center Tree will be up from December 4 until early 2020. 

If you're within a reach of Port Jefferson head to the WAVE Restaurant at Danfords Hotel Marina for two great Thanksgiving events:

New Jersey

  • November 28: Congress Hall, America's oldest seaside resort, hosts a special Thanksgiving buffet as well as a sit-down meal at Blue Pig Tavern in Cape May. 

  • November 29 - December 31: Winter Wonderland Weekend. Begin by having breakfast with Santa at Congress Hall Seaside Resort. Guest can have breakfast with Santa and take in carolers over a cup of hot cocoa during the Winter Wonderland concert series. 

Chesapeake Bay Thanksgiving Events


November 3: Virginia Thanksgiving Festival at the Berkeley Plantation. Join in and celebrate the first English Speaking Thanksgiving in the New World. Celebrate the day that is dedicated to history, food, and fun with the tours of the 1726 manor house, a living history program, tribal dancers, arts, craft vendors, music, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, a reenactment and so much more.


  • November 10: Gambrills' Cranksgiving. Cranksgiving is an event which combines bike riding and giving back to the community! It is a scavenger hunt/food drive which sends teams of riders across Baltimore to collect food to benefit Moveable Feast.

  • November 24 - January 1: Lights on the Bay at Sandy Point State Park. This event features a two-mile scenic drive along the Chesapeake Bay with approximately 70 animated and stationary displays illuminating the roadway!

  • November 30: Eastport Yacht Club in Annapolis is hosting the 2019 Leftover Bowl Regatta. 

  • November 30: All are welcome at the Maryland Yacht Club to watch or join in the Boat Parade of Lights. The pre-show festivities kick off at the Broken Oar restaurant at 3PM and the parade will commence at 5PM. 

The Carolinas Thanksgiving Events

North Carolina

  • November 23: The 24th Annual American Indian Heritage Celebration in Raleigh. Musicians, dancers, artists, storytellers, and authors will gather for this popular family event to give people the opportunity to learn about the North Carolina American Indian culture!

  • November 28: The Carolina's Thanksgiving Parade in Charlotte. There will be over 120 bands, floats and drill teams from both North and South Carolina. 

  • November 22 - January 12: The North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival takes place at Cary’s Booth Amphitheatre. It is about a ½ mile walk in total and fun for the whole family.

  • November 30: The 36th Annual North Carolina Holiday Flotilla at Wrightsville Beach. The holiday flotilla will showcase festively decorated boats on the Intracoastal Waterway. Stick around afterward as fireworks will illuminate the sky at nightfall.

South Carolina

Thanksgiving is a big day on Kiawah Island – more than 40,000 visitors descend over the weekend. Highlights include the Thanksgiving Feast buffet in the Sanctuary ballroom, Pumpkin Hockey, an early-morning 5K Turkey Trot fun run, and family sand sculpting. The weekend concludes with the annual Party in the Park, featuring low-country food and drinks, face painting, games, and live music. The morning after Thanksgiving, Santa arrives for a tree lighting ceremony, with extras like cookie and ornament decorating on offer. Stay at nearby Bohicket Marina!

  • November 21: Holiday Lights on the River is taking place in Columbia. Enjoy the Midlands largest drive-through lights display!

  • November 28: The 42nd Annual Turkey Day Run & Gobble Wobble 5K in Charleston. The 5K will have a post-race party with food, beverages, live music, a children’s fun run and lots of other activities.

  • November 28: The South Carolina Yacht Club will be hosting a Thanksgiving buffet dinner. Reserve your slip at the Windmill Harbour Marina in Hilton Head and head next door to the South Carolina Yacht Club for dinner!  

  • November 28: Tie up and stay at the Charleston Harbor Restort & Marina and enjoy a special Thanksgiving lunch and dinner feast. 

  • November 30: The 32nd Intracoastal Christmas Regatta is a traditional holiday kickoff at the Little River Inlet. To enter your boat in the parade check out the application! Don’t want to enter your boat? Several restaurants along the parade route plan special menus and events so there is fun for everyone. 

Florida & The Keys Thanksgiving Events

  • November 23: The Annual Festival of Trees. This event shows off beautifully adorned trees of all sizes, wreaths and other decorative items to make your home festive for the start of the holiday season.

  • November 18 - January 1: The Space Coast Lightfest. More than 2.7 million twinkling holiday lights will ignite the night sky at Wickham Park in Melbourne.

  • November 30: Shop Small Sip & Stroll. If you're thinking of a way to give back this Thanksgiving, shop small! On Saturday, spend the day sipping & strolling while shopping small in downtown Cocoa Village where the shops will carry unique holiday gifts for every person in your family.

  • December 1: The Space Coast Marathon & Half MarathonReserve a slip at BG Bayside Marina in Melbourne for a few more days.

  • November 30-31: The 20th Downtown Delray Beach Thanksgiving Weekend Art Fest. Enjoy beautiful pieces of artwork with those you are most thankful for. 

Inland Waterways Thanksgiving Events


  • November 28: Boaters on Lake Mendota can enjoy a Thanksgiving meal at The Edgewater in more than one way. Enjoy a Thanksgiving brunch buffet or a four-course prix fixe dinner. 

  • November 29: The 6th annual Christmas tree-lighting ceremony on Lake Mendota takes place the day after Thanksgiving. 


Chattanooga will also be serving up some turkey day fun. Tie up at Erwin Marine Riverfront and check out the Bluff View Art District

The Islands Thanksgiving Events

The British Virgin Islands

  • November 28: If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving feast with a big of a Caribbean twist look no further than Foxys! 

  • November 30 - December 1: The Anegada Lobster CrawlEat, drink and be thankful.

  • December 4 - 9: The 2019 Manuka Doctor Necker Cup. Grab your family and head over to watch some tennis this holiday season. The Necker Cup is a 6 day, 5 night all-inclusive world-class Pro-Am Tennis Event. 

The Bahamas

  • November 28: For a traditional family Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner check out the Great Harbour Cay Marina with your family & loved ones.  

  • November 28: The Valentines Resort and Marina will be hosting a festive Thanksgiving event at the marina. 

  • November 28: Treasure Cay Marina in Abaco, Bahamas is hosting a Thanksgiving turkey dinner and holiday activities. 

West Coast Thanksgiving Events


  • November 23-25: Turkey Day Regatta is taking place at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club in Long Beach. 

  • November 23-24: The Ritz-Carlton Stand Up Paddle & Surfing Santa Competition. Competitors dress like Santa or other holiday characters and surf the waves at Salt Creek Beach. 

    November 24: The Intra Club Drumstick Race at Del Rey Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey.

  • November 28: Free Garden Day. Visit the 55-acre San Francisco Botanical Garden at Golden Gate Park. 

  • November 28: Join thousands of runners and walkers for the annual Turkey Trot Los Angeles. Everyone is welcome to join or cheer the runners/walkers on! 

  • November 28: Take the stress out of Thanksgiving and treat yourself, your family or your loved ones to a day at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Join in on gobbling with the sea otters and the entire Aquarium family on Thanksgiving. Enjoy a full Thanksgiving buffet-style lunch at the Aquarium from 11 AM - 3 PM! 

  • November 29-30: The Blue Water Resort & Casino’s 73rd Annual Thanksgiving Regatta

  • November 29: Union Square Tree Lighting. The lightening begins at 6 PM with singers, a chorus, a gospel choir, visits from Snoopy and Santa! 

  • November 29-30: The San Rafael Parade of Lights and Winter Wonderland. This includes snow sledding, arts and crafts, live entertainment, children's activities, and a tree lighting. 

  • December 1: The Hollywood Christmas Parade. Starting at 5 PM giant balloons, floats, costumed characters, bands, equestrians, and celebrities will be at the Christmas Parade!


  • November 21-24: Seattle Turkish Film Festival. This is the 6th Short Film Competition. Bring your family to see some feature-length films and short films and vote on your favorite! 

  • November 23 - December 4: Festival of Trees. There are multiple events happening during this week all taking place at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. The tree display in the lobby and driveway will take place the entire time at the hotel as well. 

    • November 23: The Festival of Trees Gala Dinner. This is a Black Tie event. 

    • November 24: Festival of Trees Celebration. This is a family-friendly event & has free admission. 

    • November 29 - December 26: Teddy Bear Suite. Visit the suite that is decorated in teddy bears along with elegant Christmas decorations. 

  • November 17: Green Lake Gobble & Mashed Potato Munch Off. This is a 5K or 10K run or walk that takes place on the partially closed road around Green Lake. There will be a post-race beer garden and mashed-potato-eating contest! This will be fun for the whole family. 

  • November 23-24: Julefest. The Julefest brings Christmas to the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard, with Scandinavian food, craft booths, fiddlers, folk dancers, a beverage garden, and access to the museum. 

  • November 28: Thanksgiving run or walk. Happening in these cities: 

  • November 29: The 29th Macy's Holiday Parade in Seattle. See marching bands, costumed characters, floats, and Santa Claus. 


  • November 9: Seaside Downtown Fall Wine Walk. Taste wine in local shops for a small fee.

  • November 25 - January 5: A Very Portland Christmas. Walk through Pittock Mansion when it is decorated for the holidays by professional designers and volunteers. This year, the theme is Wonderful World of Books. Get your tickets here

  • November 27: Turkey Trot Run/Walk 5K. Be the first to see the lights at Portland International Raceway. This race will take you on a holiday-themed journey through the lights of the Sunshine Division Winter Wonderland. 

  • November 29: The 35th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Taking place in Pioneer Courthouse Square the day after Thanksgiving. Celebrate the lighting of the spectacular 75-foot Douglas-fir tree! 

  • November 29 - December 1: Tine Country Thanksgiving. Willamette Valley wineries have events and special offers happening during this fall weekend. 

  • November 29 - December 1 and December 6-8: America's Largest Christmas Bazaar. There will be 400 booths of unique handcrafted items plus 500 booths of commercial holiday products at the Portland Expo Center. Open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays! 

Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Pontoon-Depot.

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    Avalon Pontoon Makes National Debut At Roar Offshore

    Avalon Pontoon Makes National Debut At Roar Offshore

    By: pdbmagazine

    Organizers for the upcoming Roar Offshore Powerboat Races have announced Avalon Pontoons as a sponsor debuting their new twin Mercury Racing 450R triple tube pontoon as a pace boat for several of the races. They will also be participating in an exhibition race for spectators and providing demo rides in the wet pits area.

    Avalon Pontoons, is the third largest pontoon manufacturer in the world led by CEO Jim Wolf, with 250 dealers across the United States & Canada. Avalon has been making the highest quality luxury pontoon boat since 1972. They have teamed up with WMF Watercraft & Marine to unveil their first ever 27-foot Avalon Excalibur Elite Windshield triple tube pontoon with Twin Mercury 450R engines during Roar Offshore. This custom built vessel is loaded with every option Avalon has to offer.

    “Having a major boat manufacturer like Avalon make their national debut at Roar Offshore speaks volumes for our race site and the Fort Myers area,” said Roar Offshore President Tim Hill. Bill Forenski, owner of WMF Watercraft in Millsboro Del., has been pushing the boundaries of pontoon horsepower for a little under a decade. His partnership with the engineers at Avalon & Tahoe Luxury Pontoons in Alma, Mich., and Mercury Racing has resulted in production of one of the fastest, smoothest riding twin engine and single engine Mercury Racing powered triple tube pontoons in the industry.

    Pontoon enthusiasts nationwide seek Bill out for his input and expertise in this field. Avlon is now setting the bar a little higher with the release of its new 2785 Excalibur Elite Windshield powered by twin Mercury Racing 450R's, that is sure to be the most powerful pontoon ever produced by Avalon & Tahoe. For more information on Roar Offshore visit: For more information on Avalon Pontoons visit:

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    Nightmare on Pontoon Street | Pontoon Brewing in GA

    Nightmare on Pontoon Street | Pontoon Brewing in GA

    By: EventBrite

    Date And Time

    Sat, Nov 2, 2019, 8:30 PM –Sun, Nov 3, 2019, 1:30 AM EDT


    Pontoon Brewing Company 8601 Dunwoody Place #Suite 500 Sandy Springs, GA 30350

    Something's brewing on "Pontoon Street" this Halloween. All you can drink beer, costume contests, food truck and more! 21+

    About this Event

    Something's brewing on "Pontoon Street" this Halloween. Pontoon Brewing's first all you can drink Halloween Bash!

     What awaits you:

    • Open bar with your pick of Pontoon favorites
    • Live DJ
    • Costume contests
    • Brainfood Grilled Cheese Food Truck on site all night
    • Free parking at the venue but don't drink and drive. If you take a Lyft to the brewery, you will receive 50% off your ride home

    Come in your best costume for a chance to win some prizes!

    Best Overall Costume: $250 Cash Prize

    Scariest Costume: $25 Pontoon Gift Certificate

    Funniest Costume: $25 Pontoon Gift Certificate

    Best Couple Costume: $50 Pontoon Gift Certificate

    Tickets go on sale on Friday the 13th, September 13th, at 10:00AM. Limited early bird and online sales available so make sure you get to be part of this spooky evening!

    General Admission, Group Discount: $18 per person, group of 5+

    9/13 @ 10:00 AM - 10/31 @ 11:59 PM

    General Admission, Early-bird: $25

    9/13 @ 10:00 AM - 10/4 @ 11:59PM

    General Admission: $30

    10/5 @ 12:00 AM - 10/31 @ 11:59 PM

    Designated Driver: $5

    9/13 @ 10:00 AM - 10/31 @ 11:59

    Door General Admission: $35

    *limited online tickets will be available*

    We'll have some of your favorite beers along with some spooky specials available all night. Brainfood Grilled Cheese Food Truck will be selling delicious themed sandwiches all night (not included with ticket).

    Costumes recommended.

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