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Pontoon Boat Maintenance Tips & Tricks | Pontoon-Depot

Pontoon Boat Maintenance Tips & Tricks | Pontoon-Depot

By: Boat Life

All boats are alike—after all, they’re all designed to keep you above the water, right? Anyone who’s ever owned a pontoon boat, however, knows that there’s more to it than that. A pontoon boat can be a fun, relaxing way to enjoy the water. If you want to go on enjoying the water in your pontoon, here are some key pontoon boat maintenance tips to help keep your boat in top shape.


Pontoon boats are just as susceptible to sun damage as any other boat. It’s important to cover the pontoon when it’s not in use or to keep it stored in a dry, sheltered place if possible. Why all the work? Simple: sun damage. While you can head indoors and get out of the sun, a pontoon can be exposed to a continuous blast of UV rays through the day—including the days you don’t use it. To keep its color and quality, it’s vital to add some sort of protection.


Why a dedicated cleaner? Won’t soap and water do just fine? You’ll want this cleaner for your pontoon boat maintenance, because it has brightening and polishing properties that you can’t get from soap. The appearance of aluminum can be difficult to restore once you’ve lost it. But regularly using an anti-oxidant cleaner will help to maintain its “like new” appearance over time.When dealing with most boats, fiberglass maintenance is the name of the game. But it’s important to understand how vital aluminum is to your pontoon—and how to care for this light metal. We recommend a dedicated Aluminum Cleaner to deal with all that aluminum and make quick work of it.


Sure, you already knew that—but do you know how salt water affects a pontoon differently than fresh water? Some experts recommend flushing the engine after every use when you use a pontoon in salt water.

Fresh water is generally easier on your pontoon, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be exempt from regular cleaning and maintenance. Experts also recommend that you wax your pontoon every season, depending on the quality of the wax—which leads us to our next pontoon boat maintenance tip.


Cleaning is vital to maintenance, but if you don’t leave a layer of protection on your pontoon, you’re just spinning your metaphorical wheels. As stated in the previous tip, it’s important to use the proper wax. We recommend Life Wax, because it contains superior UV filters for the ultimate in marine protection.


It’s important to cover your pontoon. It’s also important to regularly inspect your pontoon, especially after you bring it out of the water and have room to look at those hard-to-spot areas.



Your pontoon boat can be powerful and peaceful, relaxing and reinvigorating. But a pontoon is just like any other boat, which means it requires vigilance if you’re going to extend its life as long as possible. Keep it clean, inspect it regularly, and browse our full collection of boat cleaning products to help keep it 

Your pontoon boat can be powerful and peaceful, relaxing and reinvigorating. But a pontoon is just like any other boat, which means it requires vigilance if you’re going to extend its life as long as possible. Keep it clean, inspect it regularly, and browse our full collection of boat cleaning products to help keep it protected.

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Using Drones for Marine Photography Finding The Place for...

Using Drones for Marine Photography Finding The Place for...

By: Boating Magazine

Pic By: Seahex Drones

...drones in shooting boats for photos and videos.

We’re boasting two innovations in presenting this month’s content to you, both centered on our cover.

We normally photograph cover boats from a helicopter, but the Malibu M235 gracing this issue’s cover was shot utilizing a drone. These days, using a drone for photography might appear to be a no-brainer, but the fact is the situation needs to be just right for a drone to make sense. The boat needs to be going slow enough so the drone can match speed with the boat so a blur-free still image can be shot. Still images are much more demanding in this regard than video.

Moreover, most new boats don’t look right until they are up and running at 30 or more miles per hour. Such speed delivers a bow-up attitude, ensures the stern isn’t dragging, and shows some of the boat’s bottom. It also adds energy and excitement to the image that one can feel, especially if the viewer is a boater to begin with. But higher speeds can outrun many drones and, at the least, cut down on the amount of time they can remain airborne.

Then there’s the drone pilot. How do we get the shot without including the pilot in the shot? Answer: We need another boat to chase the cover boat, which is not that big of a deal — the expense is similar to that of hiring a helicopter. But we often shoot on the ocean, and even on a calm day, the motion at the speed required makes it difficult to control the drone with precision. If any group can understand the challenge of manipulating a mini-joystick while watching a cellphone screen at planing speed in ocean swells, it’s you, Boating readers.

But for this issue we bring you the stunning Malibu M235. A watersports boat, it shows best doing what it was designed to do: make great wakes and waves for its crew to ride. Wakesurfing happens at a very drone-friendly 11-or-so mph. The photo shoot took place on a lake, the boat’s natural element. And because of the specifics of wakesurfing, we were able to incorporate innovation number two on this cover: showing watersports in action. Unlike tubing, water skiing or wakeboarding, wakesurfing occurs close to the boat’s transom. That allowed us to frame a shot to include both boat and rider at a size where the boat can still be seen in some detail (that’s why we use aerial photography for you in the first place).

I’d like to thank Garrett Cortese for spearheading this exciting cover as well as other content in this Watersports Issue. Though Cortese is the editorial director of our parent company’s Watersports Group, he is also now a newly minted member of Boating’s editorial team. He joins Pete McDonald, Jim Hendricks, Randy Vance and a host of other experienced professionals who are privileged to bring you the best boating content on the planet.

Takeaway: Drones are known as UAV:Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and require a license to fly for commercial purposes, such as a BOATING cover shoot. We wonder when boat drones will come on the scene? Will we call them UMV (Unmanned Marine Vehicle)?

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Excellence In Customer Satisfaction For Forest River Marine!

Excellence In Customer Satisfaction For Forest River Marine!

By: South Bay Pontoon

Forest River Marine is proud to be recognized by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) for consecutive years as a recipient of the Marine Industry CSI Award. 

Forest River Marine has achieved and maintained an independently measured standard of excellence in customer satisfaction.

This award demonstrates that Forest River Marine builds the highest quality products, and is focused on the needs and satisfaction of the customer by providing them with exceptional customer service and the best warranty in the industry.

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Family-Owned & Operated Self Creek Lodge & Marina...

Family-Owned & Operated Self Creek Lodge & Marina...

By: Self Creek

Pic By: Southern Fishing Boats

...on Lake Greeson is proud of its heritage of offering the most dedicated staff at one of the finest of Arkansas lake resorts. If you’re looking for a vacation in Arkansas, our Lodge & Resort is your answer.

Everything is in place for Self Creek Lodge and Marina to offer our guests a wonderful family vacation in Arkansas at Lake Greeson. We offer year-round events and activities to make your lakeside vacation memorable, fun, and carefree. Our marinastore offers over 2,400 square feet of display and retail area – there’s even a cozy dining area where guests can look out onto the lake and enjoy a plump juicy hot dog fresh off the grill, a delicious pizza, or other great lake snacks. Fishing supplies, lake necessities, sportswear, marine and boating supplies are offered as well as fuel, bait and ice. Friendly and helpful staff greet guests at the fueling tee or behind the spacious oak counter. Outside, a cool, shady patio beckons with comfortable, lake-side seating – the perfect perch for enjoying ice cream!

The resort offers a wide range of covered and uncovered slips for boat storage of every size in a clean, well-maintained marina basin. A full rental fleet includes late model party barges and ski boats.

From across the water, cozy, Arkansas lakeside cabins offer lakers a peek at casual, rustic luxury. The cabins feature spacious rooms, a stone fireplace, fully equipped kitchen and beautiful furnishings in an eclectic blend of antiques and comfortable, contemporary pieces. From the beautiful area rugs and unique accessories and artwork in each unit to the bubbling hot tubs on the back decks, these Arkansas lakeside cabins have been designed to offer every comfort and delight for visitors to the lake.

Jim and the Self Creek staff are eager to welcome you to their home on Lake Greeson! Jim, Lori and family live on the grounds to offer visitors the kind of warm, personal service that makes Self Creek one of the most popular of all Arkansas lake resorts, and one of  the top choices by families across the South.

Self Creek Lodge and Marina is part of the Tri-Pennant Family of Resorts, spanning two other Arkansas wilderness lakes and offering more of the premier luxury that you’re used to at Self Creek. Visit Iron Mountain Lodge and Marina on nearby DeGray Lake, and don’t miss Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa on nearby Lake Ouachita. All three resorts within the Tri-Pennant Family offer the same excellent customer service and memorable destination vacation experience that you deserve in a vacation. The families of the Tri-Pennant Families love to serve yours – and treat you like their own.

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