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Wakeboarding Accessories: Get Your Boat Ready For Labor Day

Wakeboarding Accessories: Get Your Boat Ready For Labor Day

By: Wake-Worx

Surfing is probably the most fun you can have in the water: the buildup of choosing the right wave, catching it, and using every muscle in your body to balance out, stand up, and ultimately ride it is an extremely satisfying experience. Unfortunately, access to actual waves can limit the amount of surfing you can do in your life, usually only benefiting those living near tropical coastlines with decent wind speeds which produce surf-able waves. Luckily, thanks to the invention of wakeboarding and wakesurfing, now you can go surfing anywhere boats are allowed!

Wakeboarding is done when a rope (usually between 52 and 78 feet long) is attached to the back of a boat, allowing someone who’s standing on a wakeboard to hold on and ride the wake that the boat produces as it picks up speed. Wakesurfing is similar but involves a shorter rope (usually around 20 feet), or sometimes no rope at all. These water sports allow people who live near lakes to enjoy the thrill of surfing without needing to relocate.

So, with Labor Day being the last holiday of the summer, you’re going to want to make sure your boat is equipped with the best boat accessories to help you get up on that wake wave and see what everyone’s been raving about. At the very least, you’re going to need a ballast system to help your boat balance and create bigger, more ride-able waves. If you’re already an experienced wakeboarder or surfer, look into purchasing an aftermarket surf system which gives you complete control over the size and direction of your wake while also ensuring that your boat is safely balanced. Once your boat is decked out with these essential boat accessories, try to find some American themed wakeboards or wakesurf boards — Labor Day will be upon us soon, after all.

Spend this coming Labor Day living the American dream — go out on your boat for some soothing relaxation, good company, and great fun. Find the right wakeboarding or wakesurfing boat accessories for you today and have a holiday you and your friends will be sure to remember!

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  • Amy Cabanas