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Wow! It’s Not Your Father’s Pontoon Boat!

Wow! It’s Not Your Father’s Pontoon Boat!

By: SlideMoor

Searching for a new boat for the family can be an arduous task. How do you please everyone? It isn’t easy. Do you need a speedboat for skiing? Do you need something with a lot of room? What about something comfortable for those all-day adventures?

Oddly enough, the big question is, have you considered a pontoon boat? Yes, you think they’re cumbersome. Yes, you think they’re for putzing around on the lake. Yes, you think they’re nothing but a party barge for twenty-something drinkers to float around on. But your perceptions might be dated!

Today’s pontoon boat is NOT your grandfather’s (or even your father’s) pontoon boat! Gone are the days of nothing but slow motion cruising! These fresh, new versions are anything but boring.

The new pontoon boat is speedy, efficient, and exciting! It is often still supported by 2 tubes, but the new tubes are sleek and bear lifting strakes and keels. Many manufacturers now add a 3rd pontoon which makes the boat handle much like a V-hull boat. Sure, you can still play the slow paced captain of a floating get-together, but today’s options offer a whole different realm of possibilities for fun in the sun!

Do you have the need for speed? Surprisingly, pontoons can provide it! This innovative generation of boats can rise up on plane, and put a kick in the behind of the old version. Some models, with the right outboard, can reach over 50 mph! You can have all the relaxing atmosphere you want with the speed you want. You don’t have to take the slow lane to get to where you want to be. Today’s pontoon boat will zip you to your destination in a fraction of the time!

Can you believe that these new pontoons are fully capable of pulling skiers, wakeboarders and tubers? Amazing, but true.

You have the option of several different, high powered outboard motors to fuel your fun! You can pick many different upholstery and Bimini top fabrics. There are multiple design options available to suit your family’s needs. You can customize the seating to suit your family’s needs. Do you want super storage space? You can have that too!

What about contrasting fabric for the seat cushions and Bimini top? You can have it. What about multi-color flooring? They’ve got you covered. You can even get a wet bar, movable tables and built in stereos. And the cost for all this customization is less than you would imagine.

There are multiple options for storage, shade, and even the possibility for a collapsible changing cubicle to whip on that bathing suit in private. You can even choose to use the extra space to install a chemical toilet to provide a civilized option for your children and guests on a long trip!

It’s finally here—the best of both worlds! Relaxing in style, with room for plenty of friends, with the added fun of a little zoom in your day when you want it. Don’t count pontoon boats out when you’re shopping for a new family craft. It might just be your perfect ticket to fun!

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  • Amy Cabanas