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9 Best Memorial Day Weekend Getaways in Arkansas

9 Best Memorial Day Weekend Getaways in Arkansas

It’s time to shake off the winter cold and welcome the unofficial start of summer with a  Memorial Day weekend getaway. From major cities to scenic lakes, Arkansas has something exciting for everyone. Head to downtown Fort Smith to try fantastic local eateries, or visit the zoo in Little Rock. From lakefront family homes to trendy lofts, there are plenty of Arkansas vacation rentals to choose from. Take a look at Memorial Day weekend getaway spots in Arkansas.

1. Little Rock

Source: Flickr/Dustin Holmes

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2. Hot Springs

Source: Facebook/HotSpringsNPS

Thrills and chills await you in the town of Hot Springs. Spend your weekend riding the roller coasters at Magic Springs and Crystal Falls. This amusement park offers all your favorite rides along with a water park with slides and a wave pool. Take a tour of the old bathhouses in the Hot Springs National Park and feel the heat of these natural springs on a guided hike. Learn more about local and notorious bad guys at the Gangster Museum of America.

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3. Jacksonville

Source: Flickr/janeLLoyd Nichols

Spend your weekend splashing in the water in Jacksonville. The Splash Zone water park offers slides, a wave pool, and kiddie area with water fountains and dew drop showers. Dry off and put on your hiking boots for a day at the Holland Bottoms State Wildlife Management Area. Remember America’s fallen military members with a tour of the Jacksonville Museum of Military History. This small museum offers some nice exhibits and artifacts. Dupree Park is a great place to let the kids play on the playground while you relax and read your book on a bench.

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4. Fort Smith

Source: Flickr/aquiamigo

Excitement awaits your family in Fort Smith over this holiday weekend. Attend the Old Fort Days Rodeo and Parade. Find good seats to watch the parade go by and then cheer as cowboys rope cows and ride bulls. On Monday, honor Arkansas’s fallen at the Memorial Day Service at Fort Smith National Cemetery. Take advantage of the sunshine at the Fort Smith Trolley Museum. It’s an outdoor museum with trolleys to see and even one to catch a ride on. Cool off at the Parrot Island Water Park with its slides, kiddie pool, wave pool, and lazy river.

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5. Fayetteville

Enjoy some time in the outdoors with a vacation rental in Fayetteville. Make the most of the weekend by hiking the Mount Sequoyah Woods Trails. The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks features native and non-native plants, flowers, and shrubs in full bloom at this time of year. Before leaving, stop by the butterfly house and sit still to get a butterfly to land on you. Learn more about military aviation and history at the Arkansas Air and Military Museum.

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6. Eureka Springs

Source: Flickr/janeLLoyd Nichols

Unwind and enjoy small-town life in Eureka Springs. Cool off in the oldest show cave in the state, Onyx Cave. Your tour guide takes you around the cave and points out all the interesting geology. Visit the Blue Spring Heritage Center to see the towering hardwood trees and native plants. Walk past the Bluff Shelter and the Blue Springs. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is a local rescue organization that cares for neglected and abandoned large cats. See these fierce creatures and sign up for an up-close visit with a cub.

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7. Bella Vista 

Source: Flickr/Shawn Taylor

Founded as a summer resort town, Bella Vista is a great place to kick off the summer season. One of the most popular places for hiking in the area is the Tanyard Creek Trail. When you need to cool off, simply take off your shoes and splash around in the water. Bring your boat and put in the water from one of the public launches at Lake Windsor. Invert Sports offers boat rentals and jet ski rentals to play on the lake or spend a day fishing.

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8. Mammoth Spring

Source: Flickr/Roland Klose

Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, Mammoth Spring is a town that’s home to the largest hot springs in the state. Mammoth Spring State Park is the protected area of the hot springs just outside of town. More than nine million gallons of water flow each hour and form a lake. You can enjoy the hiking paths in the park or just enjoy walking by the springs. Learn more about how trains and rail service shaped the state at the Depot Museum.

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9. Ozarks

Source: Flickr/twi$tbarbie

Ozarks shares its name with a large lake that Arkansas shares with Missouri. Mike Fink’s Marina Boat and Wave Runner Rentals Lake of the Ozarks can set your family up with a pontoon boat for a lazy day of fishing and soaking up the sun, or a powerboat for a day of water skiing. Learn more about the history of the lake and surrounding towns at the Ozark Area Museum. After a long day on the water, grab some ribs or sandwiches from Rivertowne BBQ to enjoy back at your vacation rental.

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Memorial Day from Stem to Stern | Pontoon Depot

Memorial Day from Stem to Stern | Pontoon Depot

By: Home is Where The Boat is 

Memorial Day kicks off Boating Season at the Lake! A reprise of our Memorial Day Fun from last year’s celebration!! I hope you don’t mind weighing anchor with me again :-)

In anticipation of boating over the course of the long holiday weekend, I decorated the pontoon for fun. . .. . .from Stem to Stern. . .including a few stems in a mason jar!

A few pillows. . .

Some Red,White & Blue to dine with. . .

A beverage tub filled with drinks to keep us hydrated. . .

 A breezy day as you can see, with the wind whipping the flags~

Of course Memorial Day has a much more important significance than boating & picnics. . . it commemorates U.S. soldiers who died while in military service.

First enacted to honor Union and Confederate soldiers following the American Civil War, it was extended after World War I to honor Americans who have died in all wars.

A day to recognize, reflect, and remember, how fortunate we are to live in freedom.

We’re celebrating with a flag formation of Watermelon, Feta, and a side of Blueberries~The creamy, salty cheese is the perfect partner to the sweet, juicy melon.

However you celebrate, spend a few moments to remember and give thanks for those who serve & protect us . . .Wishing you a Safe & Happy Memorial Day!

Fun Facts About Pontoon Boats | Pontoon Depot

Fun Facts About Pontoon Boats | Pontoon Depot

By: CornholeOnWater

Nothing quite says summer like a "party in slow-motion." If you've ever heard the song from the band 'Little Big Town,' you know that can be achieved with a pontoon boat. They are perfect for getting together with family and friends to just relax and have a good time. 

Here are four fun facts and ideas for your pontoon:


Pontoon boats were invented by a farmer named Ambrose Weeres in 1951. His idea was that if you had a wooden deck built on two columns of steel welded together, then your deck would be more sturdy for conventional boating. In 1952 he started Weeres Industry and took orders for over 40 boats. In 1990, the Minnesota state legislators officially recognized Weeres as 'Mr. Pontoon'. In 1991 he was inducted into the Minnesota State Hall of Fame. 


You can customize your pontoon with virtually any feature you want! Depending on your interests, you can customize your boat with a GPS, a grill, a fish finder, customizable seats...pretty much anything to make it your own. {check out's shop for all your needs}


Pontoon boats are slow drifting vehicles. So, you can take a nice relaxing ride in the water until you reach a desired sandbank or dock, you can easily stop the boat, jump out and cool off, and play some fun water games like Cornholeonwater!


If you've ever wanted to camp literally on the lake, then adding a canopy or some type of enclosure to the boat will help you protect you from mosquitos and other outside pests. Just add some camping cots or sleeping bags for a more comfortable rest, as opposed to sleeping directly on the floor of the boat. Dock at a shore or sandbank, or anchor down at a place of your choosing. Let the water rock you to sleep as the crickets and cicadas sing you to sleep. 

Next time you're planning a family get together, change it up and invest in a pontoon boat. You can eat, sunbathe, relax, and just drift down the water. Don't let the fun end once the sun sets. Put up a canopy and enjoy your pontoon at dusk and as you sleep!



By: Triangle Marine Boat Center

Owning a pontoon or open deck power boat is a wonderful luxury – but newer is always better. What if there was a way to upgrade the value and comfort of your boat without having to buy a newer model? There is!

Small additions and improvements to your boat can make a huge difference in your enjoyment. There is no need for massive overhaul or large investments. Instead, by updated old materials or technologies or adding something new, like an audio entertainment system, your boat will give off a fresh, rejuvenating vibe.

Safety and Security

For both quality and aesthetic purposes, the hardware on your boat should be inspected regularly and, if need be, refurbished. Rust streaks around stainless steel fasteners are a sign of corrosion, and should be replaced. Once the bolt or fastener has been reinstalled, it is important to make sure it is completely sealed, and you can use rust remover will give it that brand new look.

Anchors should also be inspected for safety purposes. You want to make sure the chain is in good condition and will be reliable whenever you need to use it. If you need to replace the chain, it’s also a good opportunity to add a bit of extra length, as well, notes This will provide additional length in case you need to anchor in deep waters or heavy seas.

VSM monitors – vessel systems monitors – help you keep your boat’s overall maintenance needs in check. They are easy to use and keep track of dozens of vital measurements within your ship’s systems. Upgrading your monitor can ensure that you keep a close watch on all different aspects of your boat and better maintain your vessel.

Entertainment and Enjoyment

Now that we have gotten some necessary safety aspects taken care of, let’s inject a little extra fun into the boating experience. Adding a new sound system will give your pontoon a new sound and allow you to enjoy your day at sea in style. There is nothing like listening to your favorite tunes accompanied by sunshine and the open sea. You can have an audio system installed along with a USB port connection, as well, which will allow you to play music from your cellphone or other music player – and even charge it in some cases.

You can also update your vessel’s lighting with LEDs. While just a few years ago, these bulbs were prohibitively expensive, the price has dropped dramatically, making them an option work considering. In addition to offering a greater longevity, LEDs are also often brighter and use less electricity, helping conserve power on your boat.

Speaking of power, you can also take advantage of being out on the open water and in the full midday sun by installing a solar panel on your vessel, says Sailing Magazine. While the initial investment may seem expensive, the truth is that panels are much more affordable than you might think. Plus, by boosting your available battery power, you won’t ever have to worry about being without power while on the waves.

Triangle Marine Center offers a full range of accessories to help make your boat everything you want it to be. Our accessory shop offers a full range of equipment, from anchors and electrical supplies to navigation systems and lighting – all at a very affordable price. Stop in to see us on Highway 441 in Tavares, Florida today and shop our selection or speak with our service team about major upgrade options and how we can help improve your boat.


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